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Quotes on Cooperation


“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.”
Idowu Koyenikan


If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative.
-- Unknown


“Strange is our situation here upon earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to a divine purpose. From the standpoint of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know: That we are here for the sake of other men —above all for those upon whose smile and well-being our own happiness depends, for the countless unknown souls with whose fate we are connected by a bond of sympathy. Many times a day, I realize how much my outer and inner life is built upon the labors of people, both living and dead, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received and am still receiving.”
Albert Einstein


Either men will learn to live like brothers, or they will die like beasts.
-- Max Lerner 


“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.
-- Nelson Mandela


Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people.
-- Earl Nightingale 


“I find it a challenge to cooperate in a society where it's considered moral to critique a résumé yet immoral to critique morality.”
Criss Jami


The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.
-- Bertrand Russell 

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“A hand loses nothing by holding other's hand.”
― Amit Kalantri


We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.
-- George Bernard Shaw


“Our minds have been built by selfish genes, but they have been built to be social, trustworthy and cooperative. Human beings have social instincts. They come into the world equipped with predispositions to learn how to cooperate, to discriminate the trustworthy from the treacherous, to commit themselves to be trustworthy, to earn good reputations, to exchange goods and information, and to divide labour.”
― Matt Ridley


We are not put on this earth to see through one another, but to see one anotherthrough.
-- Unknown


“The greatest ability which differentiate a human being from an animal is the ability to cooperate.”
― Mohsen Ali 


Put yourself in the other man's place and then you will know why he thinks certain things and does certain deeds.
-- Elbert Hubbard


“We need the assistance of others to be born into this world and to leave it. Any success between those two points is a result of similar cooperation. 'Self-made' people can't claim all credit for themselves.”
― Stewart Stafford 


It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.
-- Unknown


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