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The Power of Quotes

Why do so many people love quotes? It’s because quotes have helped people to overcome obstacles that challenged their everyday lives. Quotes have the power to: 

    - Provide inspiration 
    - Provide motivation  
    - Calm our fears
    - Calm our anxieties

    - Heal a broken heart 
    - Reveal our potential 
    - Help you be happy
    - Encourage kindness 
    - Inspire compassion

    - Reveal our strengths
    - Advance humanity

Wow! Who knew this readily available resource could do so much?

Featured Quote

“Only he who attempts the absurd
is capable of achieving the impossible.”

― Miguel de Unamuno

Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo (29 September 1864 – 31 December 1936) was a Spanish writer and philosopher from the 98th generation. In his work he cultivated a wide variety of literary genres such as novel, essay, theater and poetry. Rector of the University of Salamanca over three periods, he was also deputy of the Constituent Courts of the Second Republic, from which he distanced himself to the point of supporting the military uprising that began the civil war, although he ended up retracting this support. Read more.

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